Forthcoming French Bombers of WW2 NEW ART

French Bombers of WWII

White • 2019
AuthorsJose Fernandez, Patrick Laureau
IllustratorTeodor L. Morosanu
Release date2019-04-15
CategoryForthcoming CategoryNiebawem
FormatA4, 304 pages (304 in colour)
Price0.00 PLN Price35.00 GBP

While French fighter aircraft of the early period of World War II are well known and the subject of many books, the bombers used by the French Air Force in this period are up to now not well documented in English. This book describes and illustrates all such aircraft in use on 1940, from the obsolescent (and very ugly!) older types still in use to the elegant and up-to-date modern bombers just coming into use at the beginning of the war.

Fully illustrated with many wartime photographs, scale plans of airframe modifications and full colour profiles of representative aircraft.

MMPBooks feature superb colour illustrations of camouflage and markings and rare b+w archive photographs.

Essential reading for aviation enthusiasts and scale aero-modellers.

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