9132 US Aircraft in Swden przod

U.S. Military Aircraft in the Royal Swedish Air Force

White • 2016
AuthorsMikael Forslund
Release date2016-11-15
Cat. No.9132
CategoryAvailable CategoryDostępne
FormatA4, 160 pages
Price119.00 PLN Price25.00 GBP

This book covers U.S. military aircraft used by Royal Swedish Air Force during World War II and up to the present day. Aircraft in service are illustrated and described in unparalleled detail by the highly-respected Swedish aviation expert Mikael Forslund.

The aircraft covered in the book are: North American NA-16 4M; Northrop 8A-1; Beech 18R; Seversky EP-106; Seversky 2PA; Fairchild 24C8C; Waco UIC-4; Waco ZQC; North American P-51B/D; Noorduyn AT-16/North American AT-6; Consolidated PBY-5A Catalina; Beech C-45; Douglas C-47; Grumman JRF-6 Goose; Rockwell Sabreliner 40A; Cessna 404 Titan; SA 227AC Merlin IVC, Metro III; Beech 200 Super King Air; Gulfstream G IV; Cessna 550 Citation II; Piper PA-18 Super Cub.

Essential reading for aviation enthusiasts and scale aero-modellers.


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