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North American P-51D Mustang

Yellow • 2009
AuthorsRobert Pęczkowski
IllustratorTeodor L. Morosanu
Release date2009-07-01
Cat. No.6126
CategorySold Out CategoryWyprzedana
FormatA4, 152 pages (80 in colour)
Price44.00 PLN Price13.99 GBP

To nie jest kolejna typowa książka o Mustangu!

Jest to szczegółowa monografia, która omawia projektowanie i rozwój rodziny samolotów P-51D, podstawową wersją tego myśliwca, używaną podczas drugiej wojny. Model P-51D, wyposażony w kroplową osłonę kabiny i cięższe uzbrojenie, był samolotem wielu asów myśliwskich. Po drugiej wojnie światowej Mustang brał nie tylko udział w walkach w Korei, jak też służył w bardzo wielu siłach powietrznych świata.

W książce opisano:

Wyczerpujące szczegóły techniczne budowanych w USA Mustangów P-51D i P-51K oraz australijskich Mustangów CAC.

Oryginalne zdjęcia techniczne NAA.

Zdjęcia historyczne.

Kolorowych profile samolotów w barwach 29 krajów.

Zdjęcia detali współcześnie odrestaurowanych samolotów, także te zrobione podczas restauracji.

Plany w trzech popularnych skalach (1/72, 1/48 i 1/32).

Zdjęcia, przedstawiają wszystkie detale konstrukcji, uzupełnione rysunkami z oficjalnych instrukcji samolotu.

Zdjęcie na okładce - Craig M. Scaling

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Not just another Mustang book!

This detailed monograph covers the design and development of the P-51D Mustang family, the main wartime production variant of this classic fighter.

The P-51D model introduced the definitive ‘bubble’ canopy and heavier armament, and was the mount of many aces. After W.W.II the Mustang saw action again in Korea, and also served with many other air forces around the world.

This book contains:

o Comprehensive technical details of the American built P-51D, P-51K and the Australian CAC Mustangs.

o Numerous specially selected original NAA technical photographs

o Production and service photos

o A wide range of colour profiles from 29 nations

o Rare colour photographs from W.W.II

o Detailed photographs featuring modern highly accurate restorations, inside and out, and including under rebuild and servicing details.

o Full plans in three popular scales

Profusely illustrated with photos, including a comprehensive walk-around section showing all aspects of the airframe, and diagrams from official manuals.

This book provides all the core technical details of the P-51D family in one compact, economical volume.

Cover photo: P-51D Mustang "Petie the 2nd" - Craig M. Scaling

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  • Amazon.co.uk • 2014-02-08
  • IPMS UK Magazine • 2014-02-08
  • amazon.com • 2014-02-08

    Amazon customer review

    By Jim Davis (Maryland Heights, MO USA)

    The iconic North American P-51D Mustang is the subject of the latest Mushroom Yellow Series monograph; this is number 6126. Despite the title coverage is also given to the identical except for the propeller P-51K.

    Like other Yellow Series books this is a 6-1/2"x9" square bound card cover. It runs to 152 pages. Unlike previous books this has a different paper stock - it appears to be of high quality but does not have the slick coating used previously. Also this title includes an unbound foldout sheet with 1/48th and 1/32nd scale line drawings. If buying second hand make sure this is included.

    The text is short but competent, only 32 pages with black and white photos and 1/72nd scale line drawings. It is marred by contradictions about the number of P-51Ds built both by North American and Commonwealth Aircraft in Australia. The tables appear to be the more reliable.

    The next section is the meat of the book. 92 pages of close up color photos of preserved Mustangs in various stages of assembly supplemented with contemporary technical manual drawings and photos. These are really superb.

    The book winds up with 28 pages of superb color profiles. All operators get at least one so there are plenty of schemes for the modeller to choose from.

    Certain aircraft are produced in such quantities that there is always more to be discovered and yet another book is justified. The Mustang falls into that category and this book is proof of that. Even if you have an extensive library of Mustang books you won't be disappointed with this one.

  • Hyperscale.com • 2014-02-08

    Reviewed by Mick Evans

    This new publication from MPM Publications is the latest in their Yellow book series. It describes the design and development of the P51D/K and CAC Mustang in detail.

    The booklet contains 152 pages explaining the difference between the production blocks and this is backed up with very concise and detailed 1/72, 1.48 and 1/32 scale drawings. The quality of paper, photographs and printing is excellent.

    A brief history of the development of the Mustang is included in the first few pages as well as some very comprehensive walk around photographs detailing all aspects of the airframe, combining wartime photographs and excerpts from various maintenance manuals with colour photographs of many preserved aircraft including Happy Jacks Go Buggy (P-51D-30NA 44-74452, N74190). These will be of great benefit to the super detailers as there are some very close photographs of the undercarriage, undercarriage bays, engine and cockpit.

    33 colour side profiles displaying different schemes worn by various squadrons.

    Mushroom’s new title is a very concise and complete reference for modelers wanting to build a P-51D Mustang.

  • Catalina Society Magazine (October 2009) • 2014-02-08
  • Amacon.com customer review (4) • 2014-02-08

    Worth the Money, May 22, 2012 By

    Bill W.

    This is a beautifully done, highly detailed study of the Mustang. It contains unique photos and drawings which I had not seen in other publications dealing with that airplane. High quality printing work. I gave my copy as a gift to a retired airline pilot friend and I will order another for myself.

  • AIM 2010-3 • 2014-02-08
  • MAM 09/2011 • 2014-02-08
  • Amazon.com customer review • 2014-02-08

    Not just another Mustang book, March 12, 2010

    By James Pernikoff (Marietta, Georgia USA)

    Normally I avoid buying books about a single aircraft type, unless it has to do with one of my particular favorites like the Mosquito or the F-14. But I do like Mustangs, and this latest book from the interesting Anglo-Polish collaboration that is MMP has an outstanding color section. Of course, there is a 32-page black-and-white section that deals with the development and specification of the P-51D and K, along with 1/72 scale plans. (1/48 and 1/32 scale plans are on a separate sheet.) But the 120-page color section that follows is outstanding. 92 pages intersperse photos of currently-flying Mustangs in action with more close-up detail photos than you could shake a stick at. There are also drawings from the Tech Manuals included. The last 28 pages show side views of just about every air arm that ever operated Mustangs: Cuba, Haiti, Somalia and Red China are among the markings that I don't recall having seen before on Mustangs! If you like P-51s, even if you have plenty of other books on the aircraft, buy this book!

  • Amazon.com customer review (5) • 2014-02-08

    Kiyomi - Amazon Verified Purchase(What's this?)

    This book has a lot of great photographs of the P-51D which is its main focus.

    It came with 3 view drawings in several scales which were great. The only deficiencies were that it did not have cross sections of the fuselage - the remedy is to follow the panels.

    Overall this is a good minibook on the P-51D.

  • Amazon.com customer review • 2014-02-08

    5.0 out of 5 stars A Small Book but With a Lot of New Details, March 2, 2011

    By John Matlock "Gunny" (Winnemucca, NV)

    It seems that there can never be a final book on the Mustang. Every time it looks like the definitive book has come out, here comes another with some set of details that were not covered in previous books. This little book has far more such details than I would have expected from a book its size. The printing is excellent, the photographs and especially the line drawings showing the paint schemes used by some fifty different using organizations.

    In what they call the walk-around' section, they walked around several Mustangs taking photographs of every angle, showing great detail of parts not normally considered important enough to photograph. Of course, there are also several period photographs from the time of the second World War, a lot of them I hadn't seen before.

    The title of the book says that it covers the P-51D which was the highest volume model produced. But it also gives a bit of history of the other models. Note that the P-51K was identical to the P-51D except that the two models had propellers from different manufacturers.

    Exceedingly well done for such a small book.

  • Model Airplane Int. 12/2009 • 2014-02-08
  • cybermodeler.com • 2014-02-08

    By Ray Mehlberger Mushroom Model Publications is a company that until recently was based in Redbourn, Herts UK. They just moved to Petersfield, Hants UK. Their books on aircraft, and few armor subjects are all printed by Stratus in Sandomierz Poland in the English language.

    The book is in MMP’s usual 9” x 6 ½” page format for their series of aircraft books, and is 152 pages long.

    This latest Yellow Series book from Mushroom Models Publications (MMP) describes the design and development of the P-51D Mustang, the most iconic and successful American fighter of WWII. Details of the –K variant and the CAC versions built in Australia are also included. The extensive operational history of the Mustang in WWII, Korea and elsewhere has been told many times, so this book concentrates on the technical details. Differences between production blocks are described, backed up by 1/72nd scale plans, of which there are 5 side profiles and three 2-views.

    A very extensive walk-around section in color covers all aspects of the airframe, combining wartime photos and 31 excerpts from technical manuals and color photos of many restored Mustangs. Midwest Aero Restoration’s P-51D-30-NA, serial no. 44-74452, N74190 “Jack’s Go Buggy” is extensively pictured. It is reckoned by many to be the most authentic P-51D current flying. Mike VanBoncour of Midwest lent a lot of assistance to the making of this book Steve Atkin also provided photos of the detail work being carried out on Peter Teichmans “Jumping Jaques” (P-51D-20-NA, G-SIJJ) to a similar standard.

    The book contains 52 black and white photos, 3 data charts and 31 illustrations out of P-51 tech manuals.

    Color photos are shown of P-51D’s with the nicknames:

    Double Trouble two

    Comfortably Numb

    Ferocious Frankie


    Big Beautiful Doll

    Twilight Tear

    Old Crow

    Daddy’s Girl

    There is a color photo of a line up of 5 P-51D’s at Rickenbacker Airport in Columbus, Ohio USA. The nicknames on them are “Lady B”, “Lucious Lisa”, “War Bird”, “Red Dog” and the 5th one’s nickname is obliterated by the wing of the aircraft next to it.

    Color profiles at the rear of the book include:

    P-51D-20-NA “Big Beautiful Doll”

    P-51D-20-NA “Three of a Kind”

    P-51D-20-NA “The Flying Undertaker” (as a 4-view)

    P-51D-30-NA Flown by Maj. Arnold “Moon” Mullens in the Korean War.

    P-51D-5-NA “Marie” (as a 3-view)

    P-51D-5-NA “Miss Marilyn II”

    P-51D-10-NA “Old Witch” (as a 4-view)

    An Australian P-51D fuselage code AM roundel G, with a sharkmouth nose.

    A RAF P-51D serial no. A68-809

    A Australian CA18 Mk. 23 serial no, A68-141

    P-51D of the Bolivian Air Force, with a sharkmouth nose.

    P-51D of the Canadian Air Force, with “City of Winnipeg Sqn.” On the nose.

    P-51D of the Nationalist Chinese Air Force

    P-51D of the People’s Liberation Army Air Force of China (communist).

    P-51D of the Costa Rican Air Force

    P-51D of the Cuban Air Force

    P-51D of the Dominican Republic Air Force

    P-51D of the El Salvadorian Air Force

    P-51D of the French Air Force

    A captured P-51D-5 of the Luftwaffe

    P-51D of the Guatamalian Air Force

    P-51D of the Indonesian Air Force

    P-51D of the Israeli Air Force

    P-51D of the Italian Air Force

    P-51D of the Netherlands Air Force

    P-51D of the New Zealand Air Force

    P-51D of the Nicaraguan Air Force

    P-51D of the Philippines Air Force

    P-51D of the Polish Air force

    P-51D of the Samolian Air Force

    P-51D of the South African Air Force

    P-51D of the South Korean Air Force

    P-51D of the Swedish Air Force

    P-51D of the Swiss Air Force

    P-51D Mk. IVa of the RAF (as a 4-view)

    A bonus in the book is a large sheet, that is 24” x 17 ¼”. It has 1/48th scale line drawings on one side of a P-51D-5, P-51D-15 NA, F-6K-10-NT, P-51D-15 NA (as a 7-view, including a side profile of it mounted with bazooka launchers and one side profile of it mounted with 150 U.S. gallon impregnated paper drop tanks), P-51D-20-NA, and a

    P-51D-25-NA equipped with AN/APS-13 antennas. Illustrations of the Aeroproducts propeller and the Hamilton Standard propeller are also shown.

    The other side of the sheet features repeats of the P-51D-15 NA as a 4-view and the P-51D-25 NA with antenna, along with repeats of the 2 propeller types in 1/32nd scale.

    These drawings will prove invaluable to modelers, as well as the 1/72nd ones in the book.

    There are several color shots of the inside of cockpits of the P-51D that will also prove to be valuable to modelers. The Mustang has always been one of my favorite aircrafts. This is truly one whale of a book.

  • modelingmadness.com • 2014-02-08

    Reviewer: Scott Van Aken

    One of WWII's greatest fighters was the P-51 Mustang. The later D model was the one that today's enthusiast can still see at air shows around the world as hundreds are still flying in the hands of war bird enthusiasts. So good was the aircraft, that it was widely exported after the war where it served as front line equipment in many of the world's air forces. It did not leave service with some of the smaller ones until the early 1970s.

    This new book in MMP's Yellow series takes a look at the design and development of the P-51D and the nearly identical P-51K. Within its 152 pages is a complete rundown on the aircraft and its different variants, including the TP-51 and those built in Australia by Commonwealth Aircraft Corporation. With so many aircraft still extant, it isn't surprising that the walk-around section of this book is particularly large. Most of the images in this section are in full color and there are also pages from the maintenance manuals to give even greater insight into this fighter. There are also a goodly number of the color profiles we have all come to expect from MMP books. This is arranged by the country that flew the aircraft, providing a lot of inspiration for modelers. As an added bonus, there are scale plans included in 1/72, 1/48 and 1/32 scale, the latter provided as a huge fold out that provided additional detail drawings.

    Overall, it is a most complete look at one of the world's classic fighters. A book that continues the excellent of MMP products and one that I can highly recommend to you.

  • IPMSUSA.org • 2014-02-08

    Reviewed By Hub Plott, IPMS #31328

    No introduction is needed for the North American P-51D/K Mustang, considered by many to be the best piston-engine fighter of WWII (although we P-47 aficionados might argue that point)! The Mustang's story is known far and wide.

    Mushroom Model Publication's tome deals with the most produced versions in a nicely laid out and useful volume. Beginning with a brief overview of each variant produced and then a slightly more in-depth overview of the D/K variants the book transitions into a nice section of technical data and specifications. This section covering every part and system that makes up a Mustang as well as production batch and basic aircraft specifications all in the first 32 pages.

    The next 91 pages are filled with color photos of various restored Mustangs in the detail and walk around format. One of the nice features of this section is that where possible MMP has displayed a period picture of a component or close up shot along with the same picture of a restored machine. The numerous cockpit shots displayed in this then/now format is very useful! As are the factory drawings of various systems.

    The crown jewel of this book has to be the over 50 color profiles. Included of course are the normal US, UK, Canadian, SAAF and Australian profiles. But also included are many lesser known Mustang users from Latin America, Taiwan and Communist China. As well as many European and Asian Mustang users shown in profile. The depth of the profiles is illustrated by one of the four used by Costa Rica even though this country did not officially have an Air Force. Another nice touch are the 1/72, 1/48 and 1/32 scale plans.

    Pick this book up, thumb through it, peruse the pages, I think you will take it home as it is a useful book to both the modeler and aviation buff alike.

  • scaleplasticandrail.com • 2014-02-08

    Mushroom Model Publications bring us No 6126 in their "Yellow Series" of books – this one is a monograph of the "North American P-51D Mustang". I for one don’t really like the mustangs others seem to do – I just don’t get the hype that surrounds it. Though I do remember making the British P-51D "Dooley Bird" model kit when I was a little taka – to me it never had the same character to me as the larger P-47 thunderbolt. But on owning another of the earlier "Yellow Series" books on the thunderbolt I dived in to this book anyway and I can say now I am a "bit of a fan" of the Mustang after all!

    Now I have to say a few things from the start – this book covers more than just the P-51D model of the Mustang – it goes right from its genesis from the requirement from the British Purchasing Commission handed to the North American Aviation company to build more Curtiss P-40'S for the defence of the British skies from the German Luftwaffe. The P-51K and photographical reconnaissance F-6, to the experimental after war mustangs and the "Twin" Mustang the P-82.

    The book starts off with a Brief introduction which explains the conception of the aircraft from British fighter requirements, from North American Aviation wanting to make a better aircraft than the Curtiss P-40 – considered at that time Americas best fighter. Through to the initial design features such as the laminar flow wing and the streamlined aerodynamic surfaces. The original dis-satisfaction by the British in the aircraft they were delivered through to the development of the earlier mark mustangs with Alison engines and framed canopies, through to the game changing Merlin engined long range bubble top canopied mustangs now famous all around the world. Just enough and not too much history is garnished on here – everyone knows the story of the development ( from the drawing board to the flightline in a month" well they don't bore you with too many details here – which I think is great – more detail not more drivel I say!

    The second small section goes on to explain the Production numbers and where they were made, and in which factories and their different designations There were two main production plants – one in Inglewood – California ( now famous for its drive bys) and one in Dallas ( now famous for J.R. Ewing) Dual control, 1950's TEMCO and Cavalier P-51s are explained, as well as the P-51K model which was the same as the D just with a different hollow steel propeller and a "Blown" canopy with more headroom made in the Dallas plant, known as - you guessed it - the Dallas Hood.

    The Australian CAC Mustangs are discussed here – the only country amazingly to licence the production of the mustang. The Commonwealth Aircraft Corporation ( CAC) in Sunny Melbourne (pardon the pun I'm from Sydney) Their production differences and numbers are detailed here. The last part of this section details the after war developed lightweight Mustangs and the one hundred and fifty or so airworthy aircraft still around today. Again not to long-winded - the balance is just right.

    Next is a complete technical description of the P-51D Mustang. From the skin to the wing, the tail to the oil, and the propeller to the electrical, the aircraft is described at length here. If you were a designer in 1940 you would have freaked out if someone was to give you these descriptions as a requirement, but you would be able to make a good representation from the description given. I haven’t seen anything like it in another book – a really until useful description. Serial numbers and the aircraft specification are there for the "stats lovers" as well.

    Most of this section is criss-crossed and filled with black and white photographs of mustangs from mainly the Second World War, in theatre with many nations and of course the USAAF. Prototype and later experimental Mustangs and their weapons are illustrated. As is the crowning glory of this book - the scale plans.

    1/72nd top side and front on scale plans are given here for all of the major P-51D models constructed right through till the middle section of the book. This is great for smaller scale modellers – "But wait – there's more!" There is a fold out I discovered in the middle of the book – and this is one part that sets it apart from other monographs – it’s a duplex printed fold out poster of line drawings of the "D" in 48th AND 32nd scales – BONUS!

    I am soo sick of scaling things up on the photocopier and making a hash of it all and wasting time and precious brainpower I know I will never get back – working out the scale at which I need to blow up the usually included 48th scale plans to get to my preferred scale correctly. ( smart-alecs amongst you will say it's easy but it never to me seems to work millimetre perfect when you have to stick 'em all together) I can't tell you how much of a bonus this is for me a large scale modeller – I immediately went to my Hasegawa and Dragon kits to see what all the fuss was about in the accuracy of the kits. This was not included in earlier "Yellow Series " books from MMP so I am really chuffed to say that this is included – nearly worth the cover price to me alone.

    The end of the text section of the book – the next section is some meat in the sandwich. The detail section – and not just any planes have been portrayed here. Two of the most accurate reconstructions currently around - Midwest Aero Restorations " Happy Jack's Go Buggy" and Peter Tiechman's "Jumpin Jacques'" have been thoroughly documented here in a plethora of close up detail pictures. These aircraft have set a benchmark in the appearance of a restored airframe to make it just as an original would. There is nothing to me more dodgy than a modern walk around book with an aircraft with things in it that are wrong that even I can pick up!!! Both are top notch reconstructions and are worthy aircraft to base your own kit construction on – top marks again.

    At the end part of this book – is again the other really shining light of this tome of knowledge – the aircraft profiles – "Holly Gee" as George Takai would say – it's just amazing how many colour schemes are in this section from different countries. Twenty nine different countries are included here for your inspiration – I wish there were decals for every one of them as they are all worthy of kitting. The good thing is they are not all biased to the USAAF versions. I have scanned a heap of them to show you here so as you have a scope of just some of the inspiration the book gave me.

    For £13.99 all of this and the plans (sorry 1/144 guys you will need to go to the photocopier again) I can't really find fault with this book – the only improvement I could find is to include some decals – but that’s more expensive and problematic really.

    So what do we think?

    A great book on the Mustang – if you are a modeller and in need just one book on the P-51 this would be it. Fuller than a bent copper's pocket with information and inspiration - near perfect!


    Adam Norenberg

  • Internetmodeler.com • 2014-02-08

    By Chris Banyai-Riepl

    The P-51 Mustang is one of those planes that just about everyone has to do a model of at some point in their life, and coinciding with that is the great number of reference books available on the type. Mushroom Model Publications has entered the Mustang library with their latest title in the Yellow Series, covering just the bubbletop P-51D/K variants, including the recon Mustangs. For those looking for an in-depth history of the aircraft, this is not it. Rather, it is a solid introduction to the aircraft, an overview of what all the subtypes are. In fact, the text portion of this book takes up only the first 32 pages, including the 1/72 drawings (1/48 and 1/32 drawings are also included, in separate pullout sheets). So what is the rest of the book? Photos, and lots of them!

    They say that a photo says a thousand words, which means be ready for a lot of 'reading' in this book. For nearly a hundred pages, this book documents every angle of the P-51D, using museum examples, restored and flying examples, and period photos. Additionally, there are excerpts from the maintenance manuals as well, providing a very detailed look at the entire airframe. The result is likely the best single photo reference available on the Mustang, from a modeler's perspective. Unit markings are secondary to this detail-oriented coverage.

    Note that I said secondary, and not non-existent, because for the last 25 pages or so, this book has dozens of color profile illustrations. Unlike many Mustang books, this coverage is not limited solely to 8th Air Force Mustangs, or even to US Mustangs. No, you also get Mustangs from Australia, Bolivia, Canada, China, Costa Rica, Cuba, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, France, Germany, Guatemala, Haiti, Indonesia, Israel, Italy, Netherlands, New Zealand, Nicaragua, Philippines, Poland, Somalia, South Africa, South Korea, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Yugoslavia, and Uruguay. Granted, most of those nations only have a single illustration, but still, it does show that the P-51 flew with a huge number of nations.

    This is a great reference for those looking to detail their latest Mustang model. The walkaround photos are outstanding, and the drawings excellent. The color artwork will have many wanting to do some of those lesser known Mustangs as well. All around, a great job by Mushroom on an already well documented aircraft.

    My thanks to Mushroom Model Publications for the review copy.

  • IPMS USA website • 2014-02-08

    Reviewed by: Dick Montgomery, IPMS# 14003

    Written by Pobert Peczkowski, with color illustrations by Teodor Liviu Morosanu, this book focuses on the “D” model of the ubiquitous P-51 Mustang. For such a small book, 6 ½ by 9 inches, it packs a powerful punch in its 152 pages of intense coverage of the Mustang.

    There are 32 pages of black and white images which cover the development of the “D” and “K” models of the Mustang. A full-color section of 120 pages provides a great deal of “detail” for the modeler who wishes to “up their game” on a Mustang project. Drawings and illustrations are included, and add that extra value that modelers seek when selecting research material.

    Bound within the publication are 3-view plans of the “D” in 1/72nd scale, with 1/48th and 1/32nd plans, on folded paper inserted in the book.

    A set of excellent full-color profiles are included on the final 28 pages of the book.

    This book has it all…. Cockpit illustrations and photos from every angle, full color detail images of the landing gear and wheel wells, excellent technical images of the engine showing all the “plumbing”….and full color profiles and color images….. a true modeler’s delight. vThis publication is highly recommended for anyone preparing to build a “D” or “K” model of the Mustang, or for anyone who is a Mustang aficionado. Thanks to MMP for supplying a copy of this book to IPMS for review.

  • MiniReplika 63 • 2009-10-08
  • Plastikowe.pl • 2009-10-08

    Piotr Mikołajski

    Opis szczegółowy


    Wyżej zacytowana informacja od wydawnictwa dość dobrze opisuje zawartość książki. Wypada zatem dodać, że zwarty opis wersji i ich producentów kończy się na stronie 20, zaś opis techniczny wraz ze specyfikacją zamieszczono na stronach od 21 do 32. Zasadnicza część książki, czyli doskonałe zdjęcia, znajdują się na stronach od 33 do 124, zaś reszta książki to 28 stron profili barwnych.

    Jakość edytorska

    Krótko, bo w przypadku MMP ta część recenzji jest przewidywalna do bólu: wysoka jakość papieru i druku. Dobrze też, że plany w skali 1/72 zostały umieszczone na pierwszych stronach książki, dzięki czemu nie będzie problemów z ich wykorzystaniem podczas pracy z zestawem.

    Plany, zdjęcia i profile

    Plany zostały wykreślone w skali 1/72, 1/48 i 1/32. Najmniejsze zamieszczono w książce na stronach 8-16. Większe wydrukowano na wkładce formatu A3 dołączonej do publikacji. Oprócz dokładnych planów P-51D-15-NA w książce znajdziemy mamy również rzuty boczne wersji P-51D-5, P-51D-25 oraz rozpoznawczej F-6D.

    Większość rysunków i schematów zostało zaczerpniętych z oryginalnych instrukcji użytkowania samolotu. Z kolei plansze barwne to właściwie przegląd użytkowników. Rzecz jasna najwięcej jest maszyn amerykańskich, ale obok australijskich, brytyjskich, południowoamerykańskich czy izraelskich znajdziemy również Mustanga IVA z 303 Dywizjonu Polskich Sił Powietrznych.

    Zdjęcia opublikowane w książce można podzielić na kilka grup — archiwalne z okresu wojny, współczesne zdjęcia detali różnych maszyn oraz zdjęcia z odbudowy egzemplarza P-51D-30NA 44-74452, który znajduje się w zbiorach Midwest Aero Restorations. Dla modelarzy budujących i waloryzujących swoje zestawy będzie to nieoceniona pomoc i uzupełnienie informacji.


    Książkę zdecydowanie można polecić osobom zainteresowanym technice lotniczej z lat II wojny światowej. Dla modelarzy budujących modele P-51D (a zwłaszcza P-51D-15-NA) to lektura obowiązkowa.

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