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P-51D Mustang American Aces

Spotlight ON • 2015
AuthorsArtur Juszczak
IllustratorArtur Juszczak
Release date2015-09-02
SeriesSpotlight ON
Cat. No.Spot. 04
CategorySold Out CategoryWyprzedana
FormatA4, 45 pages (45 in colour)
Price89.00 PLN Price19.00 GBP

This latest book in the new series called 'Spotlight On' presents detailed illustrations of the North American P-51D Mustang fighters flown by famous American aces of World War II. The book contains more than 40 colour plates and highly detailed individual profiles with comprehensive captions. The 'Aces' include the most famous and some lesser-known names, such as: Maj. George E. Preddy Jr; Capt. John J. Voll; Lt. Col. John C. Meyer; Maj. Leonard K. Carson; Maj. Glenn T. Eagleston; Maj. John B. England. Includes one super-large fold-out colour profile 76cm (30 inches) long.




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  • IPMSUSA.org • 2015-10-16

    P-51D Mustang American Aces

    Published: October 14th, 2015      
    Product Image
    Book cover
    Author: Artur Juszczak
    Reviewed by: 
    Paul Mahoney, IPMS# 8943
    Company: Mushroom Model Publications
    ISBN #: 978-8363678791
    Other Publication Information: Hardcover, 48pp, full-page color profiles on almost every page, 1 fold-out, 4-page color profile view.
    Price: $35.00
    Product / Stock #: “Spotlight On” Series #4


    While this is the 4th volume in MMP’s “Spotlight On” series, it is the first one I have had the pleasure of seeing in person.  This book (and I imagine the others in the series) consists primarily of large, full-page color profiles of the subject matter.

    Upon opening the book, one is immediately presented with an introductory page briefly discussing the P-51D’s development (not the P-51 in general, just the “D” model, so the author assumes some general knowledge of the aircraft type).  This is immediately followed by over 40 pages of color profiles.  At the end of the book is a page showing the general finish of the P-51, and a 2-page section listing P-51 Aces.

    The majority of the pages are of color side-view profiles, with occasional top- and bottom-views (also in color) that correspond to a particular side-view subject.  In some cases both sides of a particular aircraft are shown.  In the center of the book is a large foldout color side-view (equaling 4 pages in size) that is impressive.  The quality of the artwork is first-rate, and in my opinion any of these pages would stand alone as a high quality art print.

    Each of the ‘profile’ pages has only one drawing per page, so the size of each is substantial.  Many pages also contain a scrap view showing a particular detail such as personal markings or victory symbols.  The description of each page’s subject matter is brief, but contains all the necessary information such as pilot, serial number, unit information and a description of the camouflage and/or other markings coloring. In a way, this book reminds me of what good quality aftermarket decal instructions would look like if aviation artists created them. 

    One of the last pages of the book contains a 4-view profile (top, bottom, left and right views) of a P-51D in 1/72nd scale.  This will be of particular use to the modeler as it highlights areas of the wing that were filled and puttied on the actual aircraft to help provide a smooth airfoil.  Different areas of the airframe are color-coded to describe this.

    After this is a 2-page table of P-51 Aces, in order by victory count.  Name, rank, unit and victory tally are listed, as well as the page in the book containing a profile of the pilot’s aircraft (if present).

    The last page contains a brief bibliography and publishing information.

    I enjoyed paging through this book tremendously.  I say “paging” as there really wasn’t a lot of reading to be done!  But I like looking at nice artwork and getting inspired to build something, and along those lines this book definitely succeeds.  As I mentioned before, it really did remind me of what a great aftermarket decal instruction sheet would look like if artists illustrated it.  It wouldn’t surprise me if eventually some accompanying decals were released in conjunction with this book and others in the series (although that is pure conjecture on my part).  The judicious use of the top/bottom profiles, as well as detailed scrap-views will help the modeler know all the details of any particular scheme.  The page at the end describing which sections of the Mustang’s wing were puttied over and painted is an added little bonus.   If you are into Mustangs, or like high-quality color profiles that provide enough detail for finishing a model in a particular scheme, then this is a worthwhile addition to your library.

    Thanks to Mushroom Model Publications for the review copy, and to IPMS for allowing me to review it!

  • inSCALE.org • 2015-10-15

    P-51D Mustang American Aces – Spotlight ON (MMP Books)


    P-51D Mustang American Aces

    Series: Spotlight ON

    Publisher: MMP Books (Poland)
    Text: English
    EAN:      9788363678791
    ISBN:     8363678791


    Brand new book in “Spotlight ON” series is P-51D Mustang American Aces.
    Author and illustrator is from Poland – Artur Juszczak.
    This fantastic reference book contains 45 pages, printed on glossy paper, format A4, hardback. Publication presents detailed illustrations of the North American P-51D Mustang fighters flown by famous American aces of World War II and contains 40 full color, highly detailed individual profiles with comprehensive captions, color & b&w illustrations. Color profiles are surely one of the best I’ve seen lately in similar publications.
    Sample pages:
    As a bonus, the book offers an exclusive one fold-out color profile 76cm (30 inches) long, of P-51D flown by Capt. Ray S. Wetmore, which is a very nice addition.

    p51d_spotlight_on 002

    The ‘Aces’ include the most famous and some lesser-known names, such as: Maj. George E. Preddy Jr; Capt. John J. Voll; Lt. Col. John C. Meyer; Maj. Leonard K. Carson; Maj. Glenn T. Eagleston; Maj. John B. England.
    Some useful illustrations are also included in this book which will surely help to modellers to achieve realistic finish of his model.

    p51d_spotlight_on 006

    To learn something new from aviation history or to use as a reference in your hobby, this book is definitely, one of those publications (for the really reasonable price considering quality and effort of the author invested in this book) that you’ll want to keep on your shelf for future reference.
    Highly recommended!

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