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Messerchmitt Bf 109 G

Second Edition

Yellow • 2004
AuthorsRobert Pęczkowski
IllustratorArtur Juszczak
Release date2004-04-01
Cat. No.6112
CategorySold Out CategoryWyprzedana
Format120 pages (84 in colour)
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Second edition, revised and altered. Completly new scale plans of almost each G-6 subversion and new colour profiles. Shown development of the most famoust German WWII fighter. It contains: Scale plans * photos and drawings from Technical Manuals * Superb colour illustrations of camouflage and markings, b+w archive photographs. Colour photos of the preserved aircraft* Essential reading for aviation enthusiasts & scale aeromodellers.
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  • IMPS USA (internet) • 2013-09-28
    Reviewed By Doug Hamilton, #21985 Perhaps no other aircraft during WW II has been the subject of more detailed information then the Bf 109. Developed during the final stages of production of the 109 F series, the G’s, or Gustav’s saw many improvements intended to enhance both performance and combat capabilities. This paperback book traces the development of the series in 120 pages of text, photos, and drawings. All G variants are covered in this second edition, showing developmental lineage, major modifications, and operational paint schemes. This book is directed at the modeler wishing to construct an accurate 109 G, and provides the reader with accurate information while being easy to read. The text is laid out in logical progression from the early G-1/ G-2 all the way to the final G-10 airframes. Also covered are the two seat G-12 trainer aircraft. It should be noted that in developing this aircraft series, not all variants were created in numerical order. A chart is shown on page 4, outlining which variant begat proceeding models. One would think that the –5 came before the –6, but this isn’t always the case. Also not all modifications resulted in a new variant mark. Explanation of the Luftwaffe modification system is described in good detail. The Luftwaffe utilized three main types of modification, depending on complexity. Referred to as Rustatz, which were modifications undertaken at the squadron level, Rustzustand, a depot level modification, and Umbvausatz, factory level modification, each type is shown, and explained. Modifications could be as simple as adding a bomb rack, or as complex as a new wing shape. Of interest to modelers are the detailed line drawings of each variant. All in 1/72 scale, the drawings show the differences between each variant in good detail. Each variant has it’s own chapter, and explains the sub-variants within each division. Night fighter, tropical, and high altitude types are covered within their respective versions. Serial block numbers, version, factory of manufacture dates of production, and number of produces aircraft for each version are included. Following the section on individual versions are detailed photographs from many surviving airframes. As well as a few contemporary photos taken in the field. Most are in color, and are quite clear and in focus. Some show aircraft in the process of restoration, while the balance show aircraft that have been restored to their original luster. Of particular interest to modelers are the detail photos. These are very high quality pictures showing off under carriage details, armament, cockpit details, and many other areas of interest to modelers. The final section is a series of color profile drawings showing the Gustav in various paint schemes, both German and foreign user, including captured airframes repainted in the colors used by the capturing countries air forces. All are accurate in color choices, and are quite welcome. The author and publisher should be commended for producing a high quality work focusing on a fine aircraft. The work involved in producing this volume is evident in reading the text and examining the photos and drawings. I think it’s a “must have” for anyone wanting to construct an accurate 109 G, historians, or those interested in WW II aviation. I recommend this book highly. And wish to thank the publisher, Mushroom Model Publications, the author, Robert Peczkowski, IPMS Vive President John Noack for supplying this sample for review.
  • Scale Aviation Modeller Int. • 2013-09-28
  • Internet Modeller • 2013-09-28
    Reviewed by Matt Bittner The Mushroom book on the Messerschmitt Bf 109G was a good one, so good in fact that I missed it the first time around. Thankfully, the good folks at Mushroom have deemed this title worthy of a second release, and not satisfied to rest on their laurels, they have added quite a bit to the original. This time around, the book is 40 pages longer, with more color profiles and more color photos. This means over fifty color illustrations and over forty pages of detail photos, most in color. If you missed the first issue when it came out, here's what's inside. The book is broken down into sections centered on the main Bf 109G variants. These include the G-1 & G-2; G-4; G-3; G-5, G-6, & G-14; G-8; AS Engine Versions; G-12; and G-10. Each section includes 1/72 scale drawings showing the general arrangement of the type, with callouts pointing to areas of interest, such as filler caps and various bulges and scoops. At the beginning of the book is a small section covering the various Rüstsatz, which could be found on many different Bf 109G marks. Together with the separate type sections this book provides a complete picture of the Bf 109G family. Following this very detailed breakdown of Bf 109G types comes a thorough photo walkaround of several Bf 109Gs in museums, including the Bf 109G-2 at Hanover, the Bf 109G-2/Trop "Black 6," the Bf 109G-6 at the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum, the Bf 109G-14 preserved in Australia, the Bf 109G-10 "Black 2," and a few others. With this broad of coverage, there is no corner left unturned here, providing the modeler with plenty of detailing material. Concluding the book are the excellent color profiles, covering Luftwaffe and foreign subjects. This is a very welcome reprint of Mushroom's earlier book, and the added information makes this book a must-have for Bf 109 aficionados.
  • Modeling Madness • 2013-09-28
    Reviewed by Scott Van Aken

    It was bound to happen, an updated edition of one of MMP's more favorite editions on the Bf-109G. The previous edition sold out quickly so the opportunity was taken to enlarge what had previously been done. 40 extra pages have been added, most of which are more color in the form of photographs and profiles. All of the previous material is still there, which includes a copious number of drawings in 1/72 of all the variants of the G from G-1 to G-14. This includes many period photographs and pages taken from the official manual. If you want to increase your knowledge of the 109G and want a handy ready-reference, then this is it. Highly recommended for all Luftwaffe and 109 enthusiasts.
  • SAMI 07/2004 • 2013-09-28

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