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Mikojan Gurievitch MiG-15

Yellow • 2004
AuthorsDariusz Karnas
IllustratorArtur Juszczak
Release date2004-11-01
Cat. No.6114
CategorySold Out CategoryWyprzedana
Format136 pages (64 in colour)
Price0.00 PLN Price0.00 GBP
It contains: Scale plans * photos and drawings from Technical Manuals * Superb colour illustrations of camouflage and markings, rare b+w archive photographs. Colour photograps of preserved machines * Essential reading for aviation enthusiasts & scale aeromodellers
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  • Model Aircraft Monthly 2005-01 • 2013-07-02
  • Review printed in SAMI • 2013-07-02
  • IPMS USA website • 2013-07-02
    Reviewed By John R. Lee, #11172 This is the latest book from Mushroom Model Publications in their Yellow series and covers the Mikojan Gurievitch MiG-15 “Fagot”. It is printed on high quality glossy 9½” X 6½” paper with laminated card covers and contains 128 pages. Looking at this book with a modeler’s eye you couldn’t ask for a much better source to use to super detail your Monogram or Trumpeter MiG-15. There are several 1/72nd scale plans and many useful drawings taken from technical manuals. Also, there are 25 pages of color side and plan views, along with dozens of interior and exterior color photos of the real thing. For the detailers out there there are 10 very clear photos of a Lis-2 engine used on the Lim-2 on a stand. You will also find several photos of the armament pack both on the aircraft and in the ‘down’ position… again great for scratch building a gun pack. The book starts out by going through the development breakdown of the different versions, including a 1/72nd drawing of each and a B&W photo with production charts of the different versions produced in the USSR. There is also a chart of the Top ‘Russian’ MiG-15 Aces in the Korean War and finally a comparison chart of the MiG-15 to the Allied aircraft, although I think the top speed listed for the MiG should be 675 mph (1064 kph) and not 575 mph.
  • Ken Bowes • 2013-07-02
    A comparison to Warbird Tech MiG-15 Fagot book by Ken Bowes This volume, coming across my desk so soon after Mushroom Models Publications ?Mikojan Gurievitch MiG-15? invites comparison. The MMP book is a modeller?s reference which includes fifty pages of detailed photographs and technical drawings. The Warbird Tech Volume on the other hand has far more detail on the history and employment of the type, with more overall airframe photographs and few of close-up detail. MMP has also employed far more colour, but the value of original photographs of in-service aircraft in the Warbird Tech book far outweigh their inevitable black and white presentation. I would say that the honours are about even for these two books. Both bring different aspects to the subject into print and are to my mind complementary volumes.
  • Hyperscale.com • 2013-07-02
    Reviewed by Ken Bowes Amongst the latest books from Mushroom Models Publications is Dariusz Karnas’ “Mikojan Gurievitch MiG-15”. This book is a true modeller’s reference, covering all aspects of the MiG-15 from production to service use in a concise and accessible way. The first 48 pages provide the main text, with the development history addressed, followed by a summary of all the developmental and serial production variations. The text description is well supported with line diagrams and photographs to highlight the many changes made over the production run of Russia’s first massed produced jet fighter. Details of both Russian and licence production in Poland, Czechoslovakia and China, where unique variations occurred, are also provided. Amongst many tables in the book covering production lots, factories and modifications is the table on Page 47 perhaps one of the most interesting aspects of the whole book. In this table the author provides details of the top Russian MiG-15 aces of the Korean war, with a breakdown of kills, awards and where known, their fate. The real value of this book though is the fifty odd pages of detailed photographs and technical drawings. From fuselage to wings, tail, cockpit and armament nothing is ignored. For anyone who plans to build a MiG-15 in scale form, and there have been many choices released in recent years, this book is an essential source of reference. It should be noted however that many of the detail photos are of preserved Polish Lim produced airframes, and while it is unlikely that there was much variation from Russian production there is the small chance that subtle changes may be overlooked. Completing the book is a selection of 46 colour profiles which in itself highlights the widespread employment of the MiG-15 around the world. From Algeria to Cuba to Tanzania, the MiG-15 has been used both by many client states of the Former Soviet Union and a few countries which could otherwise not afford more advanced equipment. Overall, this book will serve the modeller well, providing an almost complete one stop reference for the MiG-15. Whilst the MiG-15 is best remembered for its role in the Korean War, this book will provide inspiration for a more unusual model, perhaps an Indonesian UTI or a Syrian MiG-15bis.
  • Internet Modeler • 2013-07-02
    Reviewed by Ray Mehlberger This latest book from Mushroom Model Publications (MMP) covers the Soviet jet fighter: the Mig-15. It achieved world-wide notoriety during the Korean War and made the name 'Mig' synonymous with Russian fighters ever since. Built in several countries, the Mig-15 and its trainer versions served with a very wide variety of air forces around the world well into the 1990s, introducing several generations of pilots to jet fighters. The development and technical details of the aircraft are described, in this new book. Included are production information in Russia, Poland, Czechoslovakia and China. Progressive modifications to the airframe, avionics and armament are well covered and illustrated. Many of the photos are of the the walk-around type. These cover the exterior and interior details, cockpits, engines, landing gear, wheel wells and weapons. The book is illustrated with both black and white and 55 pages of full color photos. There are 48 color profiles, which show both the fighter and trainer versions. These pretty much include every countries markings that ever flew this aircraft. Also included are many 1/72nd scale plan drawings. There are also pictures and drawings from the original Soviet tech manuals. The book is 128 pages long and in MMP's usual 9.5" x 6.5" soft-cover format. This book will be of great interest to both the modeler and the arm chair aircraft enthusiast. Highly recommended.
  • Modeling Madness • 2013-07-02
    by Scott Van Aken The most recent book in the excellent Mushroom Models Magazine Specials is the MiG-15. As you might expect, there is a lot of information packed into 128 pages, but the folks at MMM have managed to provide a very comprehensive look at what is arguably one of the best early jets. Developed using German technological resources and a British engine, the MiG-15 was a world class turbine powered aircraft when it entered combat in Korea during 1951. A superior aircraft to all others of the time save perhaps the F-86, the MiG-15 went on to attain fame during that conflict and later became a best seller amongst the world aircraft market. In common with other Mushroom Models Magazine Specials, this one begins with a most complete historical section. This includes development of the aircraft as well as the myriad of special development variations with each variant explained as to what made it special. There is also a section on Soviet serial production by factory. This section includes production in Poland, Czechoslovakia, and China and includes special variants that were produced solely by these nations. This is followed by a listing of Soviet MiG-15 aces and then we get into the airframe detail section. As with other books in the series, this close-up section is a combination of old and new with some parts taken from extant technical publications, and others from museum aircraft. The vast majority of this section is in full color and gives you a close look at the various details of the MiG-15 airframe, with no section left unphotographed. This will be of great use to the modeler and detailer. The final section is 25 pages of color profiles of the MiG-15 in the camouflage and colors of a dizzying number of different countries. What makes aircraft like the MiG-15 so interesting are the wide variety of colors and markings that were worn by it over the years. Once again, a superb book on a most interesting aircraft. An excellent reference to the MiG-15. This book should be on your shelves. Highly recommended.

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