Boulton Paul Defiant

Yellow • 2015
AuthorsMark Ansell
IllustratorArtur Juszczak
Release date2015-02-01
Cat. No.6117
CategoryAvailable CategoryDostępne
Format240x165 mm (B5) , 104 pages (64 in colour)
Price79.00 PLN Price17.00 GBP

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The Boulton Paul Defiant is one Britain's most famous night fighter aircraft. First used as a day, then night during the Battle of Britain; and thus saw service as an auxuilary aircraft. Details are provided of a wide selection of historic machines and fascinating colour schemes, as well as full technical details.

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  • Model Airplane International • 2015-03-27
  • The Magazine IPMS UK 5/2006 • 2015-03-27
  • Aero • 2015-03-27
  • March Aeroplane • 2015-03-27
  • IPMSUSA.org • 2015-03-27
    This latest in MMP’s Yellow Series on aircraft is about the RAF’s last turret fighter, the Boulton Paul Defiant. Although basically a sound aircraft, the Defiant suffered from being designed to fulfill an outmoded concept, that of the turret-armed bomber destroyer. Despite some initial successes, it was soon shown to be very vulnerable to the latest fighters. From late 1940, it was relegated to the night fighter role, a role in which the Defiant was an excellent stop-gap until purpose designed aircraft took the role. The Defiant saw out its days in the important but far from glamorous roles of target tug and air-sea rescue craft. Mark Ansell is well-versed in the Defiant, being an active member of the Boulton Paul Association which is responsible, amongst other things, for creating a full scale replica of the Defiant. As such, he has been able to draw from their archives many new photos and crew reminisces. He divides his book into three sections. The first section is a liberally-illustrated short history and description of the type and its service in all roles. This is interspersed with a comprehensive set of plans to 1/72 scale. Of particular use to modelers is a section describing and illustrating the turret, the raison d’etre of the Defiant. The meat of the book is the second section, a thorough selection of close up photos of the sole remaining Defiant, N1671, which is on display at the RAF Museum at Hendon. Last, but by no means least, the third section is a 21-page selection of well-produced color profiles that are sure to whet the appetite of Defiant modelers. These include a profile of a Defiant in American service – quite a rarity – and a selection of machines operated by Polish squadrons of the RAF. This is not a comprehensive history of the Defiant, nor is it intended to be. But for the modeler, this book contains just about all you’ll need to know to create and improve your MPM, Pavla or Classic Airframes kits. Defiant books are as rare as hen’s teeth, so it is useful to know that this book really is a one-stop modeler’s reference for the Defiant. As such, I can highly recommend this book.
  • SAMI Magazine • 2015-03-27
  • Internet Modeler • 2015-03-27
    Reviewed by Gerry Nilles The latest book from MMP describes the design, development and operations of the RAF's anachronistic WWII turret fighter the Boulton Paul Defiant. Although a sound design with excellent flying characteristics it was obsolete in concept. As a day fighter it suffered badly at the hands of the Luftwaffe, but at night is provided the only effective defense until radar-equipped nightfighters became available. When withdrawn from front-line operations the Defiant proved effective in the ASR and target-tug roles, and served in the latter until then end of the war. The book is very well illustrated with many period black and white photos as well as a number of walk-around color photos, taken at the RAF Museum Hendon, of the only surviving Defiant. Also included in the book are a number of excellent 1/72nd scale plans and multiple view drawings of all the significant variants as well a numerous color profiles for both RAF and USAAF operated aircraft. This book will have great appeal to model builders, aircraft enthusiasts, and aviation historians.
  • Hyperscale.com • 2015-03-27
    by Glen Porter Isn't it always the way? After you've built your model, then out come an excellent reference that you wanted before you started. It's like when you scratch build something that's not available, one of the major manufacturers will bring one out. Hopefully, some of you haven't yet built your MPM or CA Defiants and if so this is the book for you. No matter which variant you're interested in, Mk.I, Mk.II, Air-Sea Rescue or Target Tug, they're all covered in this one very comprehensive volume. Beginning with the development of the Mk.I and its sad fall from grace as a day- fighter, its development as a night-fighter, the Mk.II, Air-Sea rescue duties and finally, as a Target-Tug, the text is interspersed with lots of B&W photos and 1/72 scale plans. Next comes a 50 page “Walk Around”, mostly in colour, showing aspects of the aircraft's exterior and interior that most of us won't have seen before. The book's worth it for this alone. Finally, very attractive art-work by Artur Juszcak consisting of 38 side profiles and several plan views covering every colour scheme the defiant flew in, RAF day and night-fighters, Polish night-fighters, ASR aircraft in the Temperate Sea Scheme and RAF plus USAAF Target-Tugs. Every time I see one of these Mushroom books they just seem to be getting better and better. I can't wait to get my hands on the new Mirage IIIO volume.
  • Modelingmadness.com • 2015-03-27
    by Scott Van Aken Just when one thinks that there are no good references on a type, Mushroom Models Publications comes to the rescue with one of their super monographs. This one is on the somewhat unique and much maligned Boulton Paul Defiant. Designed as a bomber destroyer that could infiltrate the bomber stream and then rake them with a barrage from the quad .303s in the turret, the Defiant was pressed into service as a standard fighter during the Dunkirk evacuation. While initially able to decimate attacking fighters who were not aware of the turret, the enemy was able to learn from this mistake and the Defiant was, in turn, badly mauled on the next meeting. With no real mission, the Defiant was then turned into a night fighter, but that wasn't the answer either as the pilot also had to be the radar operator for the early AI radars. It then found a 'home' after modification to a high speed target tug, a job that it did quite well until the end of the war. In line with other books in the series, this volume starts off with a superb history of the type. This section includes performance data and a series of very well done drawings showing the differences in the variants. There is only one Defiant currently extant, and that is at the RAF Museum where their NF.II was thoroughly photographed. In concert with period photos, this walk-around should provide enough detail for even the most demanding reader. It is then followed by page after page of outstanding color profiles. All in all, a fascinating read and excellent reference on this British aircraft. Those of you working on Defiant models really must have this one on your shelf.
  • Cybermodeler • 2015-03-27
    By Ray Mehlberger This latest book from Mushroom Model Publications (MMP) describes the design, development and operations of the RAF’s anachronistic WWII turret fighter, the Defiant. Although a sound design with excellent flying characteristics, it was out-moded in concept. As a day fighter it suffered badly at the hands of the Luftwaffe, once they realized that it had a turret and stopped miss-identifying it as a Hurricane. By night it proved the only effective defence until radar-equipped nightfighters became available. When it was withdrawn from front-line operations the Defiant proved effective in the ASR and target-towing roles, and it served in the latter until the end of the war. This book is in MMP’s usual 9” x 6 ½” soft cover format for their series of aircraft books. MMP also publishes a magazine for aircraft modelers called Mushroom Model Magazine. The book is 120 pages in length. This is more pages than some of their previous books. It contains 53 black and white wartime photos, 18 black and white line drawings of various marks in 1/72nd scale, 136 color photos that are walk-around shots of the last existing example of a Defiant in the Hendon Museum, UK, several information charts, 16 illustrations out maintenance manuals and 35 full color side profile paintings (a couple of which are three-views). Defiants are shown in markings for the RAF and some used by the USAAF. The author, Mark Ansell, has been researching the Defiant for many years. He is a member of the Boulton Paul Association and has access to their archives and artifacts. This new book will appeal to modellers, aircraft enthusiasts, and aviation historians alike. It is an invaluable addition to the shelves of RAF enthusiasts.
  • Model Aircraft 04/2015 • 2015-03-27
  • Model Airplane International 04/2015 • 2015-03-27
  • SAMI 04/2015 • 2015-03-27
  • IPMS UK Magazine 01/2015 • 2015-03-27

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