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P-47 Thunderbolt Bubbletop

Yellow • 2005
AuthorsRobert Pęczkowski
IllustratorArtur Juszczak
Release date2005-04-01
Cat. No.6118
CategorySold Out CategoryWyprzedana
Format240x165 mm (B5), 128 pages (64 in colour)
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It contains: Scale plans * photos and drawings from Technical Manuals * Superb colour illustrations of camouflage and markings, rare b+w archive photographs. Colour photograps of preserved machines * Essential reading for aviation enthusiasts & scale aeromodellers
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  • Aircraft Resource Center • 2009-03-24
    Review by Steve Bamford This 128 page softcover book from Mushroom Model Magazine is specifically devoted to the P-47 Bubbletop version with a keen focus on aspects of this aircraft that would be of specific help to scale modellers. The P-47 was a classic American plane.....big plane + HUGE engine = superior aircraft. The early P-47 was a very good aircraft but the pilots complained of poor rearward vision......with the redesign on the rear fuselage and the installation of the bubbletop canopy.....this aircraft became a rugged favourite on many pilots from a variety of countries. This book is well organized and covers the evolution of the P-47 Bubbletop in good detail as each version came into production including the P-47D-25-RE, P-47D-26-RA, P-47D-27-RE, P-47D-28-RA and RE, P-47D-30-RA and RE, P-47D-40-RA, YP-47M, P-47M-1-RE, P-47D-30-RA, XP-47N, P-47N-1, P-47N-5, P-47N-2, P-47N-15, P-47N-20-RE and RA, P-47N-25, F-47D and N. As well as information about top P-47 aces, P-47 serial numbers and production numbers and other data that explains the technical differences between the various variants. As for images you get 34 black and white photos, 218 colour photos , 37 sideview colour profiles and 13 views of the top or bottom of these profiles. The photos are clearly printed with good light and easy to make out details in the photos. Modellers are always looking for books that include side view profiles, technical data that explains the upgrades on the different variants of an aircraft as well as detail walkaround photos covering the general aircraft, fuselage, wing, canopy, cockpit, tail, engine, undercarriage and armament. This book has all that and more, so it will be a valuable tool for any modeller interested in building a P-47 Bubbletop. line drawings from original plans historic photos photos of museum P-47's colour walkaround photos colour cockpit photos colour engine photos more detail photos landing gear photos .................and so much more....including...... 37 Colour Profiles The P-47 Bubbletop was flown by quite a few airforces includes the American, Brazilian, Chilean, Columbian, Cuban, Dominican, Ecuadorian, Free French, Iranian, Mexican, Nicaraguan, Peruvian, Portuguese, RAF, Taiwanese, Turkish, Soviet, Yugoslavian, Venezuelan and this book includes at least one colour profile from each of these air forces. Modellers, aircraft enthusiasts, amateur historians of the P-47 and and the many air forces that flew it will find this book very helpful....especially if you're building a P-47. If you have an interest in the P-47 Bubbletop, then this book will appeal to you. I am quite pleased to add this book to my library.....it will prove to be a very helpful book when I tackle my next P-47 model
  • Hyperscale.com • 2009-03-24
    Reviewed by Mick Evans This new publication from Mushroom Models Publications, 'Republic P-47 Thunderbolt Bubbletop', is in the compact B5 format and contains 128 pages packed with detail. The quality of paper, photographs and printing is excellent. The book covers almost the complete technical history of the late production bubbletop canopy P-47. A brief description of variants from the P-47D-25RE through to the final P-47N is included. The publication contains many photographs with the majority being printed in colour. There are some very in detail walk around photographs of many preserved aircraft. These will be of great benefit to the super detailers as there are some very close photographs of the undercarriage, undercarriage bays, engine and cockpit. Many detailed 1/72 scale line drawings are included and even the weapons and drop tanks are included in these drawings. 35 colour side profiles displaying different schemes worn by various nationalities. The nationalities include USAAF, RAF, Brazil, Chile, Columbia, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, France, Iran, Mexico, Nicaragua, Peru, Portugal, Taiwan, Turkey, USSR, Venezuela and Yugoslavia. Overall this is a very concise and complete reference for any modeler wanting to build late model bubble top P47 Thunderbolt. Highly Recommended
  • IPSM USA website • 2009-03-24
    Reviewed By Kirk Ballash, #22433 In the summer of 1943 engineers at the Republic Farmingdale plant looked to address a major complaint from Thunderbolt pilots, the problem of rearward visibility. Two airframes were converted to the cut down deck and bubble canopy version that eventually became the late model P-47s. This book deals with those models, beginning with the P-47D-25-RE and ending with the P-47Ns. I’ve always been impressed by the Mushroom Model Magazine books and this latest one on the P-47 Bubble canopy variants is no exception. This Yellow Series edition is in their usual 6.25” x 9.25” format and has 128 pages with sections dedicated to development, technical descriptions, foreign users, production runs, a list of P-47 aces and over 60 pages of detail photos. The detail pictures feature a dozen different P-47 models from around the world, and as usual the detail pictures are crisp, clear and taken with the modeler in mind. Also very useful to the modeler is the development and technical description chapters that include specific detail differences between each of the production block numbers as well as 1/72 scale drawings of the aircraft, the props and even under wing armament. Many black and white period photos accompany the technical descriptions. Finishing off the book are 26 pages of color profiles including many of the post war users such as Taiwan, Yugoslavia, Turkey and Ecuador. Details photographs, line drawings and color profiles - especially of the hard to find foreign air forces – makes this a highly recommended book for any P-47 enthusiast. This book has a list price of $22.95 and I feel is well worth it, but I’m certain it can be found for less by looking around. Even at list price I believe that dollar for dollar this is the best value publication on the bubble canopy versions of the Republic P-47 Thunderbolt.
  • Internet Modeler • 2009-03-24
    By Chris Banyai-Riepl The latest title from Mushroom covers one of the most famous aircraft of the Second World War, the Republic P-47. Rather than cover the entire P-47 line, though, this book just covers the bubbletop variants, from the P-47D to the P-47N. Like other titles in Mushroom's Yellow Series, this book provides a comprehensive technical look at the aircraft, with little in the way of operational history. What this book does provide is of immense use to the modeler. The first part that is of great use is the logical breakdown of the P-47 subvariants. If you want to know just what a P-47D-30-RA is, this book will tell you. Complementing this text are dozens of scale drawings that show all the various differences between the subvariants. Additionally, there are drawings showing the different propeller types, weaponry, and fuel tanks carried by the P-47. Building on this are the many pages of detail photos showing every corner of the P-47. Areas such as the cockpit, landing gear, and engine are all well covered. The aircraft covered include the P-47D-40-RA at Cosford Aerospace Museum in the UK, the P-47D-40-RA at the Lone Star Flight Museum in Galveston, Texas, the P-47D-40-RA at the New England Air Museum in Windsor Locks, Connecticut, the P-47D-30-RA at the Musee de l'Air at Le Bourget, the P-47D-40 at Duxford, the P-47D-30-RA at the Yugoslav Air Museum, the F-47D-30-RA at the Turkish Air Force Museum in Istanbul, and the P-47D at the USAFM in Dayton. With this long list of available aircraft to look at, the photo coverage is understandably extensive. Finishing up the book are several pages of color profiles. What makes these illustrations a great addition to this book is that they are not restricted to just US aircraft. In fact, the first profile presented is a Columbian Air Force P-47. Other countries covered include Chile, Brazil, Dominican Republic, France, England, Iran, Cuba, Mexico, Nicaragua, Peru, Venezuela, the Soviet Union, Turkey, Ecuador, Portugal, China, and Yugoslavia. This, out of a total of 36 aircraft profiled. This definitely shows the international usage of this famous fighter.
  • CyberModeler.com • 2009-03-24
    By Ray Mehlberger Mushroom Models Publications (MMP) started out with their Mushroom Model Magazine and then branched out into books about various aircraft. Although these books are all printed in Poland, the text is in English. This latest book is in MMP’s usual 9 ¼” x 6 ½” soft-cover format. It is 128 pages in length. The book covers the technical history of the late production P-47 Thunderbolts, with the “bubbletop” canopy. Running from the P-47D-25-RE through to the final P-47N, the changes in the various production series are described and illustrated, with 22 black and white 1/72 nd scale line drawings and many photos. There are about 30 black and white wartime photos. Walk around shots of P-47’s in 10 different museums around the world and a few shots of restored ones in private hands that are still flying. There are 5 information charts, 22 color photos of the inside of cockpits (including 6 that are black and white illustrations straight out of tech manuals), 9 color photos of the engines (with 2 black and white ones out of a tech manual)and a bibliography. At the rear of the book are color illustrations of P-47’s in profile (23 of these) and 12 two-views (showing wing tops and fuselage sides). These are showing just about every air force’s markings that ever flew the P-47D’s and N’s: Brazil, Chile, Columbia, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, France, Iran, Mexico, Nicaragua, Peru, Portugal, Taiwan, Turkey, USSR, Venezuela and Yugoslavia! So, if you are looking for something DIFFERENT to mark your model with…this will show you. The book will definitely appeal to modelers, aircraft enthusiasts, and students of WWII and post-war air operations. Essential for all lovers of beautiful aircraft!
  • Modeling Madness • 2009-03-24
    Reviewer: Scott Van Aken The latest book from Mushroom Models Publications is on the P-47 Thunderbolt. This volume covers the bubbletop version and that is probably because there are few razorbacks around from which to get photos. As with other MMP books, this one begins with a short introduction and then goes into the development of the bubbletop version starting with the P-47D-25. A six view drawing of this variant is provided to give a baseline with any changes noted in the other subtypes as the development portion of the book continues up to the P-47N-25, the last Thunderbolt built. This airframe is also given a six view drawing with all the illustrations in 1/72 scale. Next is a technical description which includes a production table and a table of notable P-47 Aces. This is then followed by the detail photos which cover every aspect of the airframe using extant aircraft from museums and a few warbirds. The reader is cautioned that warbird and museum aircraft often have incorporated into them modifications more applicable to later series aircraft than to the subtype of the base airframe. As an example, most aircraft shown have P-47N style wheels that would not have been used on D models during the war. The detail photos section is followed by a number of superbly drawn profiles of Thunderbolts in service with air forces around the world and from all time periods that the aircraft was operational. All in all, an excellent book on the subject and perfect for the modeler who wants to be able to place additional detail into his model. It is a book that I can highly recommend.

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